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Hi! I'm Nikki an above average CD by night.

I'm open to many things but I’m also looking for a dildo handler, if you don’t know what a dildo handler is; it’s someone who willing to fuck me with a dildo until I’m beyond satisfied. I have occasionally played with a hung guy in the past but I do NOT top. I do enjoy the feeling of a large, thick cock stretching my hole. Girth is definitely more important to me than length. My little ass swallows things that most women would freak out about inserting up their vaginas.

I have many kinks and fantasies. I'm very open minded, I would like to meet someone who will help bring out all of the submissive side of me. I am into bondage, restrained in exposing position, and anal toys. However, I'm very picky about men. So please keep that in mind before attempting to message me for hookups. I enjoy slutty clothes/ outfits/lingerie and toys/dildos, getting dressed up or crossdressing and I do not mind showing off. I'm fit, and stand at 5ft-6in 135lbs, with smooth legs, a slim waist and a small bubble butt. I don't do this full time nor do I plan to. I have a life outside of this fetish and I enjoy that life. Please respect that.

It takes time for me to prep myself and get dressed. The fuck always ends up being too short for my liking. I want to someday get fucked more than I can handle so my asshole is loose, gaping and I’m walking funny. We will need a safe word. I want to be respected when I walk into your house, but as soon as I walk out of the room dressed I am nothing more than a piece of shit anal whore for you to use and degrade. Show me my place as a slutty whore and how they truly deserve to be treated.

When I’m dressed if I do something wrong or displeasing to you, I am to be on all fours, arching my back so my ass is up in the air. Spanking my slutty ass and have me redo it until I get it right, if not we’ll start back all over and I will be there even longer. I want to be used fully , use me real good to take care of your cock, then stuff my ass with a dildo as I’m locked so I can't leave, you head out and come back and use me more. I enjoy being forced.

The best kind of anal here would be where you can see the slut's face as her asshole is penetrated. The look of surprise, pain, delight, etc. is the thing, you want to see. Second to that would be a shot where the slut's body/asshole visibly changes/reacts to the penetration. In real life, it's a big deal for a slut to take a cock up her ass, and the reaction to it is what makes the event a little more nasty than conventional pussy penetration.

You can ask me any questions (TO MY INBOX ONLY!). Any questions, anything, no matter how crazy, dirty or wrong it is. No catch.


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