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Red Gym Rules


Please adhere to the following rules and your stay will be an enjoyable one. 


Red Gym is a private membership club for men 18 years and older. By entering our establishment, you agree that you are at least 18 years old and a consenting adult.

You also agree to abide by all house rules and regulations as may from time to time be established and posted by this private membership club. The management reserves the unilateral right to suspend or terminate membership for violation of rules and regulations, or for any other reason. 


Age verification is required upon entering Red Gym.


Red Gym is not responsible for lost personal items.

You can check personal items at the main desk.


Gym clothes are required in the gym area and towels in all public areas. No exceptions. 


There is a six hour limit on locker rentals.

There is an eight hour limit on private room rentals. 


The use of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly prohibited. If upon arrival you are under the influence you will be asked to leave. 


Smoking is not permitted inside Red Gym and allowed only in desginated areas outside.


Recording devices such as cell phones, cameras, or video cameras is expressly forbidden. 


No glass containers allowed in Red Gym.


No weapons of any kind will be allowed in Red Gym. 


Destruction of property will result in expulsion.


Please limit your time in the restrooms so that others may use them. 


Lost keys to rooms or lockers will be charged a $25 key charge. 


Employees are paid to work at Red Gym and are there to assist you.  

Please respect them while they are working.


Private video dressing rooms are available on a first come first served basis. 


No harrassment of club members or employees will be tolerated. 


If anyone asks you for money for any reason please report this to the main office. 


Please try to be polite and civil and enjoy your time at Red Gym. 


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